Chipicas Town Houses in Mexico

Photography by Jaime Navarro

Architect: Alejandro Sanchez Garcia Arquitectos

Location: Valle de Bravo, Mexico

The Chipicas Town Houses are four independent single buildings, which were built inside a private garden in downtown Valle de Bravo, Mexico. The vertical design was used to salvage most of the vegetation, as well as, a solution to the small footprint. The Chipicas Houses were designed with two sides of the façade made of floor to ceiling windows and two sides with a skin made of wooden lattice to gain a sense of privacy.

Photography by Jaime Navarro

Each house has three storeys, two bedrooms, a living and dining area, a TV, kitchen, and utility room. Best of all perhaps is a second floor balcony that gives a sense of sitting in the tree tops.

A perfect setting for an afternoon Margarita.

Photography by Jaime Navarro

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