Masseria Maresca - a luxury farm-hotel - Ostuni, Italy

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Laura and Carla Maresca follow a long-standing tradition as the family has farmed these lands in the countryside of Ostuni since the 1750s. They have restored the ancient Manor farms of Grottone and Caggiani surrounded by 60 hectares of thousand-year old olive trees deep in the Mediterranean scrub. It’s here in these ancient Manor farms where it’s possible to discover the true character of Apulia: the vivid colors of its nature, the bright white of its lime walls, the cicadas’ chattering of its sun-drenched countryside, the intense scent of the Mediterranean scrub.

Schiattarella Associati

About 2.000 olive trees, citrus and fruit trees are grown according to rigorous organic agricultural practices, in the two Masserie of Grottone and Caggiani. Organic for us is a matter of principle. Its strict agricultural practices and attention to biotypes has over the years fostered and enriched the typical Mediterranean scrub and wildlife habitat which now covers a considerable part of the estate.

Schiattarella Associati

In the hot summer days, surrounded by the cicadas’ chattering in the countryside, nothing but sitting in the shade of these very giants is more relaxing and helpful. Their shapes recall the ongoing work of generations, the swish of their leaves whispering of ancient times remind us that future needs strong roots. In the 60 hectares of the farmland there are a number of century-old olive trees, some of them very imposing with a 3 mt diameter log dating back to the romans. These thousand-year old specimen need to be protected by preserving their environment.